Anti-CAA Row: It's State Vs State Now


Anti-CAA Row: It's State Vs State Now

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Kerala government has challenged the Citizenship Amendment Act followed by the gazette notification by the government of India (Modi government). Just 2 days after it's official implementation and a week later after passing a resolution against the CAA in Kerala assembly.  

This clearly shows the hypocrisy of the leftist government regime which at first says they want to defend the constitution and then work against the very own Indian Constitution. 

The anti-CAA Left government of Kerala in its petition has termed the act a violation of a set of articles entitled in the constitution. Again that same old shitty narrative of secularism being under threat and nothing else or more can be expected from Communist Party Of India which includes Marxist, Leninist and whatever left orientations about which any Indian citizen would be aware of. Who cares about Left after all? It's last castle is in Kerala where it's party members do not allow any other party or ideology to flourish, expand and impact.  

The supreme example of it is the brutal killing and violence against the RSS and BJP workers. The Kerala government has got guts on the national issues only but they do not care about the Keralite people who are facing unemployment and poor healthcare problems. 

Already 60 writ petitions are pending in the Supreme Court which will do the hearing on this topic on 22 January but only one first government of an Indian state is daring to challenge the already enacted and passed Citizenship Amendment Act. 

As we have already discussed that this law has nothing to do with the Indian citizens but the anti-national left gang is trying out their very best to create a false narrative to manipulate the less-educated and easily provoked Muslim youth and obviously the already brain-washed left youth who do not even know what CAA is! 

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Left is against the country of India and unity against this undemocratic ideology is the need of the hour. Kerala government has proved their point of being against the Indian state and is trying a very dangerous political movement of making it a state vs union affair in the Supreme Court which just should not hear to this rubbish petition.  

Article 256 of the Indian Constitution already makes it clear the states have to follow the Parliament passed acts. It's a state vs state matter in CAA row now and only time will tell what is left's final fate.

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