Quetta Mosque Blast: ISIS attacks Islam itself

13-Jan-2020 , Updated on 1/13/2020 6:40:01 AM

Quetta Mosque Blast: ISIS attacks Islam itself

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What kind of Islam is this? Pakistan says that India spreads terror in their country and it is suffering from terror, but the pictures of Quetta, Balochistan which came 2 days ago confirmed the horrific blasts done in the houses of Allah which happens on every jummah i.e. the day of Satan's power.  

Let us be clear as infidels on the record for this fact- There is no other religion of terror. It has become so clear from the Quetta Mosque blast, the only religion of terrorism is the cult- Islamism. 

Divided into 72 inner sects, this religion says only to kill other Muslims in other mosques. In any case, it is impossible for the terrorist state of Pakistan to tell by itself in any way that it is suffering from terror because its seal of lies has been opened since the attack on Nankana Sahib Gurdwara recently. 

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Quetta Mosque Blast: ISIS attacks Islam itself

Probably, to show the whole world the Victim image of itself, the rogued terrorist state makes a blast in Quetta in Balochistan, so that people feel that if it has also faced terrorist attacks so how can it attack others? 

For a moment, even if this fake story of Pakistan is accepted, the Islamic State of Syria has taken responsibility for the blast, which talks Islamic Khilafat? After all, whose religion does the terrorist organization's flag define and reflect? One only - Islam, which you can call the nefarious terrorist thinking of Islamism. 

In this blast, only the terrorists of ISIS put 30 terrorists of their rival Taliban and 3 officers and terror heads of Pakistani intelligence agency officers to death. Sheikh Abdul Hakim, the supreme judge of the Taliban, and the top officers of the ISI were meeting in a madrasa in Ishkabad on Friday evening and seeing this opportunity, the ISI killed them all. Because jihad is a justified way in the way of Allah and it is only fair and for it, Jannat is the hallmark. So will Pakistan now say that there is no religion of terror? 

The ISI had done the same in their country Syria and also it has been clear from the current US-Iran war that if a Shia Muslim country Iran attacks another Sunni Muslim country Iraq, then it can be seen its whose Islam is in danger. 

ISIS attacks Islam and any Muslim country neither opposes nor takes action against it. Now all non-Muslims should open their eyes and prepare to fight against the threat of Islamism or the next blast might happen in very homes!

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