Rise of LGBTQ Era: We Have The First Lesbian Model


Rise of LGBTQ Era: We Have The First Lesbian Model

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Miss Swe Zin Htet of Myanmar is cracking the major headlines across all local to international news media outlets not only because of her positive, simple, long-lasting beautiful smile and beauty but also for the fact that she showed courage to speak the truth. 

She showed her brutal and sheer honesty by openly admitting and terming herself as 'lesbian' thus becoming the first openly lesbian woman model. 

Rise of LGBTQ Era: We Have The First Lesbian Model

She has also become LGTBQ (Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bisexual, and Queer) community brand ambassador in the fashion and modelling world after becoming the first lesbian model to become a participant in the Miss Universe competition. 

She was born in 1998 and is currently just 21 years old. Although she did not make it to the finals of the prestigious beauty pageant contest, she has made positive waves around the world for her true and bold acceptance regarding sexual identity. She has termed herself as a minority gender being a lesbian.  

On this important note, she said profoundly-'I want the world to accept the LGBTQ+ community and their right to choose their own path and pursuit of happiness'. 

However, she will be considered as an illegal citizen because her country Myanmar is still ultra-conservative which hates the LGBTQ community where Homosexuality is still considered illegal and is punishable as per the stringent, weird and hateful law. 

Swe Zin Htet began her modelling career after winning the Supranational Myanmar 2016 and secured her place in the top 10 to win the Miss Personality title. 

This year's Miss Universe 2019 will be remembered as the one which shattered the taboo norms of this homogeneous society. 

Rise of LGBTQ Era: We Have The First Lesbian Model

This year's Miss Universe titleholder Zozibini Tunzi of South Africa showed that beauty does not count for only the white pseudo supreme race but also the tolerant black race has its own place in terms of beauty be it dusk beauty.

It was also a historic moment of achievement because it nearly took 8 years for Tunzi to win the coveted title as since 2011 no black woman could win the title. Only from 1977 with the win of Janelle Commissiong being the first black woman to win the title, the world could see the black woman beauty ruling the modelling fashion world.

Rise of LGBTQ Era: We Have The First Lesbian Model

We as liberal, modern and sophisticated humans should be proud of both the woman Swe Zin Htet of Myanmar and Zozibini Tunzi of South Africa. 

They proved and showed that any achievement is beyond gender, caste, creed, sex or gender. The right to achievement belongs to everyone being equal as the human citizen of this planet Earth. Kudos to Humanity! the rise of LGBTQ Era has begun for us.

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