Quality of Indian Education System


Quality of Indian Education System

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Education is the backbone of India. It is a powerful instrument for the development of national human resources. India is been listed in the fastest growing economies of the world, but on the other hand, India stands way behind in the line when it comes to the department of education. The low quality of education is crippling the growth of India in order to maintain the demands of the 21st century economy.

Quality of Indian Education System

Every parent considers a quality education is a medium which focuses completely on the overall development of the child i.e. the social, physical, emotional, mental, and cognitive development of each student ignoring the fact of ethnicity, gender, race, socio-economic status, or the geographic location. The schools prepare the child for life, not just for the small tasks or a single phase of life. However, in reality, things are quite different from this.

Whether a child is studying in a rural area school or in the urban area school, but somehow s/he is facing discrimination based on various factors. The only difference is that, some have to face this discrimination at a mild level and some are facing it an extreme level, and which has been very evident to all. This the major factor involved in the degrading quality of education among those children’s who are getting access to education easily and regularly. These discriminations sometimes even lead them to leave schools and go for other option or other schools.

Quality of Indian Education System

In India, the Education System has become not less than a business for its owners. All schools eye for a huge count of students and especially those who are capable of paying a big amount in the form of school fees. All schools demand a good lump of fees every year in return of quality education and overall personality development. But wait a minute, is it really happening. Do these children’s are getting all the basic facility in schools and good quality education.

In this respect, I would say, No, they are not getting all these facilities except a few which are very costly for a normal middle class parent. These schools on the name of education are playing with the future of students. These school authorities are not assigning well qualified teachers, or they don’t pay a respected salary to the qualified teacher. These types of games form the authority are ruining the future of the students.

Quality of Indian Education System

The teachers with less salary don’t take their teaching responsibility seriously. They just used to visit the classes, do their time pass, teaches a pinch of some topic and let students do it by themselves. This is really a very unprofessional behavior from a teacher, but it is not only the fault of a teacher. A teacher needs to earn his livelihood as well, so s/he just like to do his/her duty and get the salary in return. Taking education and leading a school as a business is becoming a very common mentality of India and the selfish money makers in India.

It is high time, we as a school or educational institute owner need to understand our responsibility and put forward a helping hand towards building and improving the future of the country. A small initiative can do wonders in the life of a deserving and talented student.

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