Women Entrepreneurship and Challenges

Women Entrepreneurship and Challenges

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India is growing rapidly in terms of economic development. But at the same time, its population and poverty are also kept on increasing and this gives birth to unemployment. The only solution to tackle the unemployment problem is by creating more entrepreneur because it serves as a catalyst for the economic development of the country. It is one of the largest sections for capital accumulation. In fact, economic growth is the result of the efforts taken by entrepreneurs. Similarly, entrepreneurs can dictate economic growth through their actions and decisions. But there is a problem very a few women entrepreneurs are from India and they are almost contributing half of the population.What are the reasons for such a shortage of women entrepreneur in India? Some of the disparities faced by Indian women are as under: 

1. Family restriction

Women are expected to stay longer with their members of the family. They do not encourage ladies to travel extensively for exploiting business opportunities.

Women Entrepreneurship and Challenges

2. Lack of Finance

Family members do not encourage women entrepreneurs. They hesitate to speculate cash within the business venture initiated by ladies entrepreneurs. Bank and other Financial Institutions do not consider Middle-Class Women Entrepreneurs as proper applicants for setting up their projects and they are hesitant to provide financial assistance to unmarried ladies or ladies as they're unsure on their credibility to repay the loan — Either their parents or in-laws once their wedding. This humiliates unmarried ladies and that they usually leave the thought of fitting their ventures.

For example, Kiran Mujumdar Shaw initially faced many problems regarding funds for her business. Banks were hesitant to convey loan to her as biotechnology was a new field at that time and she was a girl businessperson, which rarely happened.

Women Entrepreneurship and Challenges

3. Lack of Education

Women are generally denied higher education, especially in rural areas and in some community. Women are not allowed to enrich their knowledge of technical and research areas to introduce new products.

4. Role Conflict

Marriage and family life are given additional important than career and social life in Indian society.

5. Unfavorable Environment

The society is dominated by males. Many businessmen don't seem to be interested to possess a relationship with ladies entrepreneurs. Male generally do not encourage women entrepreneurs.

6. Lack of Awareness

Most of the women in India think that being an entrepreneur requires a lot of money and only rich people can become an entrepreneur because of that many creative dies before born.

7. Mobility

Women refrain moving from one place to another and this decision is come sometime from their own will and sometimes from the family pressure. 

Women Entrepreneurship and Challenges

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