Countdown Begins: Lok Sabha Elections 2019


Countdown Begins: Lok Sabha Elections 2019

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With the announcement of 17th Lok Sabha polling date by the Election Commission, the countdown has begun for the greatest electoral festival. About 90 Crore voters are eligible voters who are going to participate to re-write the new page for India’s History and Future as well. About 8.3 Crore is the new registered first time voters.

The election will be held for 543 seats in about 10 Lakh polling booths across the country in 7 phases. After this, in May the Bhartiya Janata Party government of India under the Prime Minister Narendra Modi establish a new milestone with completing the full tenure in the office. And in the 2019 elections, I think the competition is very evident between only the two political parties i.e. BJP and Congress.

Congress Party which has been another only ruling party of India since India’s Independence. Whereas, the BJP has marked its presence very evident in the previous 2014 Lok Sabha elections. So, it would be very nice to see the competition between the existing and the previous ruling party of India.

Countdown Begins: Lok Sabha Elections 2019

After the declaration date of polling, Congress is leaving no opportunity to put BJP down, and even tried to question the transparency of Election Commission as well. It is very disgraceful of Congress Party to question the work of Election Commission. It is high time for the Congress Party to understand that you can’t fool the public anymore. It is an educated public and voters, so now they can’t manipulate the voters on a religious and emotional basis.

The funniest part of Congress allegation has been the demand for a ballot-box election. Is it a joke, the whole country is an option for digitalization and accepting it as more transparency in every activity? But the Congress party is going just opposite to the flow and not considering transparency or digitalization. The party who prioritize its own benefit over the country is expecting to come again in the power.

But I would say, they don’t deserve at all to regain the power, who put their priority first over the Country, for whom they are in the power and those who give them this much power.

As of now, the reach of Social Media has been increased a lot among the young generation. They all are being more aware of every activity of all the political parties whether it is BJP or Congress. So, if parties are thinking that they can manipulate the public by just doing the number of rallies and making fascinating speeches which put the opposition at a negative frame.

Everyone demands development not only on infrastructural basis but also in other fields as well. So, development is required over each phase. Parties those who think, that by just questioning the other party and making fake promises to the public can help them to win the election, then I will say, it would be difficult for all the parties. Until you are worthy of it.

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