Why we Indians are Not Creative?

02-Mar-2019 , Updated on 3/2/2019 4:07:07 AM

Why we Indians are Not Creative?

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When I was in my 10th standard my elder brothers used to tell me getting a job in this time is very difficult, you have to study very hard and score high marks in your exams. From that time my conscience related to study changes completely, a learning which inculcates curiosity to study more changes to a mugging up machine whose aim to somehow get good marks. I was lucky I heard this in my 10th standard but nowadays, parents put a stamp on their babies after birth that he/she is going to become Doctor, Engineer, and Lawyer etc. If a child thinks differently and wants to take the road not taken, he/she is never encouraged to do the same.

Why we Indians are Not Creative?

Parents do not want their children to lag behind in the rat race, a race of competitive exam where every student is running irrespective of what he is studying and what knowledge he/she will acquire, they only study what is important for the respective exam and not an inch beyond that (Capsule Course).

Creativity which is one the most important factor for overall personality development is somewhere lagging in the Indian students according to reports.

Why we Indians are Not Creative?

Our Archaic Educational System is focused on the learning, not on thinking which we have adopted for the British educational system, they themselves changed their education system which focuses on creative and practical learning. But I don’t blame the education system of India. India is on the 58th position in terms of education and many of our institutions are in the top 100 of the world, they are capable of gives has enough knowledge in any field to succeed. I blame the indecisiveness to choose a course. Recently I was reading an article on Facebook, where it said that we first become engineers and then think of what to do. Which is an utter waste of time.

Why we Indians are Not Creative?

We have to understand that every child is unique and have different qualities. We cannot judge a person by his/her grades getting in a particular subject. Everyone has a hidden talent, just the need is to discover that and polish that regularly, and for that, we have to give a chance to our child. There will be many hurdles when he/she start his own venture in India but he will be self-satisfied because he will do what he loves the most.

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