Private Schools in India


Private Schools in India

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The low income and middle income group earn to fulfill the need and deeply hidden desire of providing better education and exposure to all the various educational kinds of stuff for their children. However, no wonder that their focus has shifted from government schools to private run institutions. Despite all this might cost many parents paying through their hard earned income. While the arguably fee hike of all the private schools in India has drastically affected the monthly budgets and saving plans of many parents, still they used to continue to opt for going to private school education for their children’s.

Private Schools in India

All this is happening just because the level of education in Government Schools is horribly bad, and is declining day by day. Just for the sake of giving a good future to their children’s, parents had no other option left to opt for private schools and pay a good lump of money to educate their children. These private schools are preparing these students for their lives 20, 30, 40, 50 years from now. Yet we have no idea what five years from now will look like.

The level of Government School has declined because the huge number of teachers were on a temporary basis or the dead dependent. Among them, many are less-educated with fake degrees and many are with don’t care attitude. As these temporary basis teachers are last interested, they just need that time pass and get a profile build. In addition to all these transitions of government schools, my heart bleeds when get to hear that s/he has chosen the profession as their family said it would be a good option to keep you busy along with a good earning and less work. Or, they didn’t get selected in another field, or just fed-up of the running life in the private sector, so they become a teacher.

Private Schools in India

This type of casual approach of Government Schools teacher is, unfortunately, giving a helping hand to the private schools and behave like a mafia. Increase the fees after every session and forcing parents to pay huge fees in order to give their child a good education, if not, then they can leave because there are many parents who are willing to do so. Not only education but private schools are excelling in other fields as well, as compared to government schools.

The competition of getting admission in private schools is so tough that a student had to go through a lot of mental pressure to perform well and retain its place in class for the next session or class as well. This is becoming the biggest drawback of Private Schooling system which is working in a negative way on the mind of our innocent and unaware children’s.

Private Schools in India

If a child is more interested in sports than bookish learning, these private schools proof to be a good opportunity for a child to start his/her sporting career. Instead of this, s/he has to gain averagely good marks in academics as well, to flourish this sporting career or schools say co-curricular activity. Private Schools demand a lot form these innocent students to retain the place in school and had to handle their academics and education side-by-side. As a result, it seems like the schooling has become like another rat race which always in hurry to reach the finish line and this race has just ruined the fun of learning and exploration which has taken a back seat in Private Schooling System in India.

In this way, the private schools are running the creativity of a new and fresh brain by indulging them in this cat race of academics. Having a happy and fun environment of learning is the right of a child, but this has been forgotten somewhere by the schools and parents both.

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