Why Indian Media is so weird?

16-Oct-2018 , Updated on 11/24/2018 3:52:04 AM

Why Indian Media is so weird?

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Media is present all around us, which help us to understand what is good or bad; right or wrong around us. Being a follower of Indian Journalism, nowadays I realized all these news are not for the public whereas it is only to generate revenue. All the useless or irrelevant news were highlighted very well by News Channels to increase their wealth.

But I would like to ask all of you that, Is all these types of news we want to see, like, what the Actor/Actress is wearing? What is the price of their Bungalow? How lavishing the marriage ceremony of this politicians son/daughter? etc. Don’t you people think, we need some materialistic and reasonable news? 

Just to sensationalize the news, reporters do reporting irresponsibly. They are not bothered about the sufferings of the person, they just want to interview him/her and they are done. If they are getting the good response over that interview, then they highlight that issue by telecasting it on their channel repeatedly without thinking about further consequences or what problems another person could face.

                                                                    Why Indian Media is so weird?

I don’t understand at what track these Media Channels are going. Don’t they need to focus on showing genuine news in spite of doing irresponsible journalism? Media Channels shouldn’t be supposed to be at the supporting end of any specific political party just for the sake of financial help. They are even ready to say anything wrong against the opposite political party without a second thought.

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