Roads accident: Leading cause of death
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08-May-2018, Updated on 5/9/2018 2:16:01 AM

Roads accident: Leading cause of death

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Our country tops in the list of countries where accident related deaths occur the most. The frequency of traffic collisions is the highest in our country according to A National Crime Records Bureau.

Well, I wasn’t ready to believe such facts and I surfed over the internet a bit more and then I was literally out of my mind when I read these facts which depicted the whole scenario of how much safe and secure our roads are to travel. 

Roads accident: Leading cause of death

Read these burning facts:

  • Over 1, 37,000 individuals were killed in road accidents in 2017 alone, that's over the number of individuals killed altogether in wars place along.
  • A serious accident within the country happens every minute and die on our roads each and every hour.
  • 16 youngsters die on Indian roads daily.
  • 5 lives endwise on Delhi’s roads daily.
  • There is one death every four minutes because of a road accident in our country.
  • Drunken driving is one in every one of the leading causes of road fatalities.
  • 1214 road crashes occur daily in our country.
  • Two-wheelers account for twenty-fifth of total road crash deaths.
  • 20 youngsters below the age of fourteen die daily because of road crashes within the country.
  • 377 individuals die daily, appreciate a giant jet flaming daily.
  • Two individuals die each hour in Uttar Pradesh – State with most range of road crash deaths.
  • Tamil Nadu is that the state with the most range of road crash injuries

Road safety in India

Our country with over 3 million km roads is having the world second largest road network of which it’s disheartening to hear that only 60% of the roads are been properly paved. If I start counting the flaws in our roads safety system the list of record will be never ending so as an overview you can understand that the facilities for the road users don’t meet the expectation and in-appropriate road safety systems are the mainstream reason why India is leading to a high toll of death victim.

Roads accident: Leading cause of death

Indian government since the year 2000 is transforming the Indian highways with divider, four-lane, 6 lanes roads, and expressways and now we are in 2018 and still the design is not meeting the expectation for the pedestrians, cyclist, two-wheelers, animal carts and other slow moving traffic.

Still, our most of the grand trunk roads lack the security check boot to have a check over the overly loaded transports. In an uncertain situation, an overly loaded vehicle gets uncontrollable especially in a case when these vehicles are carrying heavily weighted stuff which results in even worse accidents. In the year 2017 around 37000 death were been accounted because of overloaded vehicles.

Major reasons why such fatalities occur

Over Speeding:

It’s a natural psyche of humans to stand out. If given an opportunity man is certain to realize eternity in speed. However, when we are meant to share the roads with alternative users we are going to continuously stay behind some or alternative vehicle.

At high speed, a particular vehicle requires a larger distance to prevent braking distance. A slower vehicle involves halt like a shot whereas quicker one takes great distance to prevent and additionally skids a protracted distance because of the law of notion. A vehicle moving at high speed can have a larger impact throughout the crash and therefore can cause additional injuries. 

Roads accident: Leading cause of death

Drunken Driving:

People are now used to of consuming alcohol in any occasion of celebration. However, once it gets mixed with driving it turns a celebration into a misfortune. Alcohol reduces concentration. It decreases time interval of somebody's body.

Limbs take additional duration to react according to the function of the brain. It hampers vision thanks to giddiness. Alcohol dampens concern and incites humans to require risks. These factors whereas driving cause accidents and lots of times it proves fatal. Whenever there is increase 0.5 blood alcohol concentration, the chance of accidents gets double.

Distraction to Driver:

Distractions can be outside or within the vehicle. The key distraction current days is talking on phone calls while driving. The act of talking on phone occupies a major portion of the brain and also the smaller half handles the driving skills. This division of brain hampers time interval and talent of judgment. This becomes one amongst the explanations of crashes. One shouldn't attend phone calls whereas driving.

Accidents are painful

With the word painful I just don’t mean it’s painful for the person who experiences it but it’s painful for folks who are related to him. I can understand the feelings and emotion of a family and the person who deals with such fatalities as it’s only been 26 days since I lost my father in a horrible road accident. I am not in a state of demonstrating how it happened or anything else…....

All I wanna say is that our country needs to be strict with its road safety system, construction of our roads and our roads needs to get loaded up with basic facilities like area for pedestrians, cyclist, two-wheelers, animal carts and other slow moving traffic.

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