Angela Merkel: The Most Powerful Women in the World


Angela Merkel: The Most Powerful Women in the World

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Angela Merkel the youngest and the first female chancellor of Germany. Since, 2005, she has been in the office as the Chancellor of Germany. However, now she said, she will step down as the Chancellor of Germany in 2021. As well as, she will also not go for re-election as the leader of the center-right CDU party. Bore going much further, let’s take a look about her life that how she came so far and get some inspiration from her life.

Angela Merkel original name is Angela Dorothea Kasner, born on July 17, 1954, at Hamburg, in West Germany. After her birth, her parents relocated to East Germany. And again moved to Templin in 1957, where Angela completed her High School in 1973. For her higher studies in Physics, she moved to Leipzig, at Karl Marx University. And before completing her Diploma, she married her fellow classmate in 1977 and earned her diploma in 1978.

Angela Merkel: The Most Powerful Women in the World

In 1986, she has been awarded a Doctorate Degree for her thesis on Quantum Chemistry. Meanwhile, before this, she divorced her husband in 1982. Her political career came in 1989 when the Berlin Wall has fallen. For this, in 1990, she joined the newly formed party ‘Democratic Awakening’ and became the spokesperson of the party. After a while, the party came in coalition with the German Social Union and the Christian Democratic Party. However, after getting the minimum number of votes, Markel became the deputy spokesperson of the government of the Christian Democratic Party. In 1990, she joined the party before the reunification of Germany.

Angela Merkel: The Most Powerful Women in the World

In spite of that, she won the seat in the Bundestag in December 1990. Then in January 1991, she has been appointed the Minister for Women and Youth by the Chancellor Helmut Kohl. But due to some reasons, Kohl resigned on September 1991, from the post of Deputy Chairman of Christian Democratic Party. Therefore, Merkel was selected to replace him in December 1991. In 1994, Merkel became the Minister of Environment, Conservation, and Reactor Safety. Then, in November 1995, she has been selected as the Secretary-General of the Christian Democratic Party. And in the same year on December 30, she married her longtime friend and Chemistry Professor, ‘Joachim Sauer’.

On April 10, 2000, Angela Merkel became the first women and the first non-Catholic leader of the Christian Democratic Party. Then, on November 22, 2005, Merkel took the office as Chancellor, at the age of 51 years. This made her the first women, the first East German, and the Youngest person to hold the office at that time. As the time was also in her favor and to form the government she partnered with Liberal Free Democratic Party. And she retained her position for the second time. Whereas, her second term was majorly based on her response to the Euro-Zone Debt Crisis.

Angela Merkel: The Most Powerful Women in the World

Her most evident victory in that phase was the entry into force in January 2013 of the fiscal compact which made government operate within specific balanced budget benchmarks. Somehow, Merkel entered into her third tenure but European Economy was still struggling. So, Merkel initiated her efforts to enact sanction against Russia and restore peace between both the regions. In addition to this, according to the critics, she is not a good leader. Her skills show that the absence of a clear stance and ideology.

She faced criticism over a number of phases like how she handled the Nuclear Power Fukushima Accident in 2011, her handling approach towards the Euro-Zone Debt Crisis, as well as, other cases too. In spite of all these challenges, Europe’s most popular and economically powerful country and continue to enjoy the strong domestic approval numbers.

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