The roads where cattle's rule....!
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The roads where cattle's rule....!

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The Nagar Nigam has totally neglected to manage the threat of stray cows. There is not really any street in Allahabad where suburbanites don't need to confront heaps of issues, and the nearness of stray dairy cattle is making moving around or driving troublesome in the city.

In spite of the fact that experts of Nagar Nigam make tall cases about controlling the hazard, yet the fact of the matter is entirely unexpected as cows are discovered proceeding onward extraordinary streets of the city. Workers need to confront bunches of issues while navigating the boulevards which have the nearness of the dairy cattle.

The issue of stray steers is intense in thick territories of the city including Chakiya, Beniganj, Himmatganj, Lukerganj, Leader Road, Johnstonganj, Shahganj Chowk, Clock Tower, Zero Road, South Malaka, Rambagh, Loknath, Katra, Rani Mandi, Bahadurganj, Khuldabad, Meerapur, Attarsuiya, Kotha Parcha, Muthiganj, Dondipur, Muirabad, Civil Lines, Rajapur and different regions.

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