Teaching: A profession that creates all other professions

05-Sep-2018 , Updated on 9/14/2018 12:22:01 AM

Teaching: A profession that creates all other professions

Playing text to speech

You may have read this quote earlier too so what’s the first thought arouse in your mind when you read it? Think…. 

It’s really a short quote buy if you just introspect a bit it’s too deep….!

This quote reveals that a teacher is divine, an originator a repository from where a person gasps knowledge which induces his goals towards reaching his milestone. From our birth, we keep on learning, learning and learning no matter its academics, games, morals, ethics, life lessons, professionalism or anything. We are always blessed with someone who teaches us.

Now let’s see the scenario of our officially appointed teachers

Right now, in less than 9% of the schools, the Right to Education Act has been implemented in the country. It has been said that until the eighth standard, education has to be provided to all children inevitably. For this, it will be necessary to stress the problems of teachers and strengthen the education system.

Right to Education Act in our country has not been fully implemented. If this law had been enforced, then with the improvement in the level of education, the level of teacher could also be improved. About 50 percent of the teachers in the country are contractually based and they get a very little salary. We have to understand that education is not a contract, it is a regular work.

It is the creation of children and the creation of the country in this way. It is a misunderstanding among us that the teacher gets more salary, while the circumstances are the opposite. At present, about 3.4 percent of the country's budget is spent on education.

Challenge for the teacher

 About 50 percent of the teachers across the country are receiving less than 6,000 salaries. The Kothari Commission, constituted to strengthen the education system, had recommended that the teacher's salary should at least be enough so that he does not have to face any financial difficulties.

The second challenge is that most teachers based on contract have not received training which affects the quality of education directly. Therefore, it is important for these teachers to get training.

Teaching: A profession that creates all other professions

Ignorance of teachers

The quality of education cannot be discussed by ignoring the teacher. About 10 percent of schools are still in rural areas, where the same teacher has to arrange the Mid-Day Meal with the presence of the children, the education of all subjects and classes.

Rather than strengthening the government education institutions like NCERT, the way the government is looking at the private sector today, this will become a mess of education. In such a situation, teachers cannot do much, and the private sector's screws on education will be strengthened.

Engaged in various tasks 

Teachers are also involved in many other tasks. However, legally speaking, teachers have only said to put in three types (during a census, elections and natural calamities) in extra works. But, in reality, this does not happen and they are put into many tasks.

Government departments feel that the teacher is the easiest target for settling tasks at the local level. It is seen in many areas that the local administration uses teachers for their diverse works (Pulse Polio, Mid-Day Meal, any other calculation etc.)

The teacher has an important role in creating the personality of children and creating a sense of patriotism within them. But, as long as the teacher is stuck in his own mess, how can he be able to do this historic work efficiently? Without a teacher, there is no existence of education and school.

Keeping in view the contribution of teachers in nation building, the government should solve their problems and not impose the teacher in any work other than education. Each year we celebrate Teacher’s day with epiphany by lauding our respected teachers. We remember them, we greet them with gifts.

Just want to ask one question why the feeling fades away after that specific day?

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