Kerala, Flood, Disaster and rescue…..!
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20-Aug-2018 , Updated on 8/20/2018 2:01:01 AM

Kerala, Flood, Disaster and rescue…..!

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The floods and landslides that came after the fierce rains in Kerala have caused a furor in the state. Thousands of houses have been submerged in the flood waters, the roads have collapsed. People trapped in the flood are being transported to safer places. Apart from the Army and NDRF teams, local fishermen have also come forward to help with their boat. Meanwhile, the number of people killed in floods in Kerala has increased to 357.  

On Saturday alone, 33 people died. However, in the flood waters of Kerala, the army is helping the people by becoming a God. On Sunday, Wing Commander Prashant of the Garuda Special Forces of the IAF saved airlift a child from the roof in the flood-affected city of Alappuzha.

At a glance

  • So far, the state has lost a total of Rs 21,000 crore.
  • Relief and rescue teams provided around 82,442 people in safer places.
  • More than 71,000 people were from Ernakulam region affected by the flood.

Removal of red alerts from all 14 districts

In the meanwhile, the condition of Kerala, which struggles slowly, is improving. In the last two days, there has been a decrease in rainfall in many parts of the state. Due to this, a red alert has been withdrawn from all the 14 districts. This is the first time since August 9, when the red alert has been removed.

However, in view of some fears of danger, orange alert in 10 districts and Yellow Alert has been issued in 2 districts. Along with the state, the central agencies have hastened relief and rescue work. According to the Indian Meteorological Department, there may be heavy rains in many areas of Ernakulam, Pathanamthitta and Alappuzha districts.

Lives saved by the airlift

All the agencies including Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) have decided to mobilize additional resources to provide necessary assistance in Kerala. In the rescue operation on the war-footing, the Coast Guard and NDRF teams are engaged in saving the people from the Navy 46, the Air Force along with the 18 teams of Army.

Meanwhile, a large number of elderly people, women, and children stranded in flood-affected areas are being saved by the airlift. NDRF teams are on the ground, while Air Force helicopters are helping the victims from the sky. Meanwhile, there has been a challenge for continuous rain relief and relief work in many areas.

Very difficult to recover the dead bodies

The team of RAF recovered a body after Landslide from the Neemmara area of Palakkad district. Deputy Commander of RAF Coimbatore Unit says that we have recovered 10 bodies from the area and as the landslide still going on in the area. It is very difficult to recover the dead bodies.

Impact of the flood in Kerala

3.53 lakh people in 3026 relief camps

3.53 lakh people of Kerala, who are facing rains and floods, have taken shelter in 3026 relief camps. Crop is ruined in 40,000-hectare area. More than 1,000 homes were completely destroyed while 26,000 houses were damaged. In total, the flood of Kerala has so far lost Rs 21,000 crore.

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Meanwhile, relief material was loaded for people stranded in the floods in Naval Sea King helicopter, Naval Advanced helicopter and Naval Sea King helicopter at Naval Station INS Garuda in Kochi. So that it could be delivered to the needy people.

On the other hand, 240 fire-fighting personnel from Bhubaneswar of Odisha have been dispatched to the flood-affected areas of Kerala by a special Air Force aircraft. Along with this, many states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Bihar, and Haryana have come forward to help Kerala.

MPs and MLAs will pay one month's salary

The huge devastation caused by the flood in Kerala, Congress has decided to donate one month's salary for its MPs and their MLAs across the country for relief assistance. Congress President Rahul Gandhi took this decision during a meeting with leaders of all the state units. In view of the flood in Kerala, Rahul Gandhi has also demanded more help from Kerala by announcing Prime Minister Narendra Modi to National Disaster.

Kerala, Flood, Disaster and rescue…..!

To help the flood victims, Rahul also requested the Chief Ministers of Congress-ruled states to help Kerala. In neighboring states of Puducherry and Karnataka, the Congress has formed relief committees who have been involved in providing relief. Rahul Gandhi, through two tweets, told the Prime Minister the need for more liberal assistance in view of the seriousness of Kerala's flood disaster.

Congress President told the Prime Minister that the flood of Kerala should be declared a national calamity without delay. Apart from this, MLAs and MPs will also give you one month's salary for the rescue and relief in Kerala.

Folks from all across India are standing with Kerala with Kerala in their hard times….!

Citizens from all across India are expanding their hands to help the folks in Kerala. People are pushing the luggage to Thrissur's control center. To make the worst situation is slightly better than before.

Kerala, Flood, Disaster and rescue…..!

Right after PayTm application started a campaign for directly donating for the people trapped in Kerala in distress relief fund a large number of people came forward to donate. The donation option was made really easy and apart from PayTm there is several other option also available form where folks can donate.

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