Plastic ban in Uttar Pradesh......!

31-Jul-2018 , Updated on 7/31/2018 11:11:06 PM

Plastic ban in Uttar Pradesh......!

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As the NGT (National Green Tribunal) ordered to ban the plastic for the cities which is near the Ganga River Yogi Government imposed the order for the whole state. We are very much aware with the fact that how plastic disposing has turned out to be such a major issue is, to the point that plastic is a sensibly new innovation the volumes of plastic are tremendously expanding - and reusing arrangements have not kept up. 

The other issue is that plastic will toward the end in the earth for 100s of years and subsequent contamination of plastic has always been a major issue. When you imagine that a plastic drinking straw might be utilized once - for a moment and after that stay in presence for 100s of years - you understand the significance of right transfer.

So keeping the various aspect of flaws which occur due to disposing of plastic dispose of the Uttar Pradesh government has now banned the polythene bags has been fully implemented. This restriction is applicable to all types of plastic bags and includes polypropylene (common polythene sac) and plastic bags that look like cloth.

Not only this, the use of any type of transparent or second polythene sheet or film has been banned for inviting invitations, books, and magazines. Food items sold in plastic packets, oils, milk and other food items are excluded from this restriction.

According to packaging rules officially, food items sold in seal poly pack will be sold as before. Wrong information was spread among shopkeepers and common people about this banner on polythene. Removing this, the District Magistrate Rajasekhar said that only in the Act of Polythene Ban, food items sold in poly packs, oil, and milk have been kept free from the ban.

They said that this restriction is only on those plastic bags, which are sold in malls, hotels, and shops. Along with this, construction and sale of poly packets have also been banned.

Uttar Pradesh's Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has requested the folks of Uttar Pradesh top support the decision and spread awareness about its integrity. Yogi said at the Van Mahotsav held at Lodeshwar Mahadev in Ramnagar that he had ordered the ban on plastic from July 15 in the state. He calls on people to cooperate for a plastic-free arrangement.

He said that we should work together to make sure that plastic cups, plates, glasses, and polyethylene etc. are not used in the state from July 15. 

On being asked about the ban of the use of plastic in the state, the officials said that the modalities are being discussed to bring this order on land and the concerned department should present the blueprints as soon as possible. Has been asked. After this, a meeting with the Chief Minister will be held.

According to official sources, working on ways to effectively ensure the ban on plastic is being done. The government is also thinking of imposing a penalty for those who violate this ban. It is known that the State Cabinet had approved the proposal to implement a full ban on the use of polythene bags of 40 microns or more in December 2015. However, that restriction could not be followed properly.

The fight over plastic bags is a lot more than how to get groceries homeā€¦!

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