Making cases more aggravate is all our Police does…..!
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26-Jul-2018, Updated on 7/26/2018 1:50:00 AM

Making cases more aggravate is all our Police does…..!

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Indian Police are not awkward. Considerable measures of them are defiled, a couple of them are Lazy and rest are impacted by lawmakers. Scarcely any violations occur under their nose, with their gifts. In a few metros pick take hoodlums to need to accomplish month to month target, they need to pay a guaranteed add up to the police headquarters in their beat.

This is what happened to me last week….
I was coming back from office around 8 PM. While attempting to get into the transport somebody flicked my new handset. Gracious my dear iPhone 8 red edition. Some merciful outsider bailed me out. He called my number however it was at that point turned off. I asked for his phone to influence a call to my senior sibling and he promptly gave his phone to me.

Making cases more aggravate is all our Police does…..!

Subsequent to educating my sibling I went to the police headquarters and they influenced me to sit tight for over 1 and a hour (nearly till 10 PM) before I lost my understanding. I went and stated: "Sir, ek ghante se betha hu, at least report to likh lijiye protest" (Sir, I have been sitting tight for 60 minutes, would you please enlist my grievance now). He first "persuaded" me that my phone was "missing" and not "stolen". Afterward, he took "charges" also to file a casual protest!
My handset cost around  ?70,000premium handset  and the police didn’t even bothered….!

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