Five Things To Think About When Starting Your Blog


Five Things To Think About When Starting Your Blog

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Starting a blog is a wonderful, fun and exciting project to undergo, but it can be a little overwhelming and keeping it updated regularly can become a bit of a chore. So before you start your blog make sure that you take a look at a few of the things that you will have to do in order to prepare!

#1 Have You Got the Right Tech?

Make sure that you have all of the right tech bits and pieces in order to be able to properly run, keep track of and maintain your blog. By having a mobile phone and a computer, laptop or tablet at the ready, you will ensure that you always have easy and quick access to your blog. This means that it can be updated on the go, as well as when you are at the office/home computer! If you need to upgrade your tech to facilitate a blog then take a look at Discount Promo Codes, where you can get great deals on electrical goods.

Five Things To Think About When Starting Your Blog

#2 What Do You Want Your Niche to Be?

Take some time to really consider the type of blog that you want to create. Do you want to create a personal blog recounting your own life? Do you want to start a food blog, perhaps focussing on a specific diet? Do you want to create a broader lifestyle blog? A blog for students, mums, families or pet owners? It is always a good idea to make sure that you have a strong and unwavering view of what you want your blog to be about before you begin. This will help you to keep a niche that is all your own while simultaneously reducing the risk of visitors to the site getting confused.

#3 What Platform Will You Use?

Make sure that you consider the positives and negatives of the differing blogging platforms that are available. Some services will vary in price as well as in competency, so do your research. Some of the most popular platforms include Wordpress and Weebly.  

#4 Make Sure That Your Are Content Ready

Make sure that you have a nice amount of content ready to upload onto your site right from the beginning. This will ensure that visitors to the site have a lot of different things to look at and read. If you have split your site into categories then make sure that there is a post on each of the category pages. Don’t leave anything unfinished or empty before you publish your new blog!

Five Things To Think About When Starting Your Blog

#5 Choosing Your Images

Be sure to include lots of high quality, rich and beautiful images on your site. We are very visually driven in the modern age, and a blog whose aesthetic is not appealing will not sustain visitors easily! Choose royalty free images online and always reference the source of them too.

Crafting a blog, whether for financial purposes or personal ones, is a really great time to stretch your creativity and put your marketing skills to the test. So make sure that you invest in the right tech for the job, choose a niche, decide on a platform, create that content and start picking the perfect images too. Good luck!

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