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“Things which makes a city smart”

So in the last five years, there is too much buzz on making the Indian cities smart. Well how do you think a smart city will look like…? Probably when you give a thought over it the pictures which you create is quite imaginary just like the

Smart Cities Reality or Dream?

In the approach of the Smart Cities Mission, the goal was to advance urban communities that give a center framework and give an average personal satisfaction to its nationals, a perfect and economical condition and use of 'Shrewd' Solutions. The a

Waterlogging problems: A Serious matter of concern for our city

The city occupants get woebegone each rainstorm season after overwhelming precipitation which leads to broad waterlogging in different parts of the city.The precipitation uncovers the tall cases of Allahabad Municipal

Government plan for reconstructing river sides on pace…!

A much-awaited initiative has now been taken by our government as cleaning of Holy River Ganga has always been a matter of concern. Over years with the increase in population and hike in the density of tribes near the riverside beauty of Pr

Monotonous Allahabad needs a major upgrade....!

So now it’s been 20 years since I am living in Allahabad and I feel really blessed to be born in such a beautiful city. From holy rivers to religious sculptures from modernizing infrastructure to historical monuments, the city has every possibl

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