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India is tough so are its folks…..!

It hardly takes a minute or two for us to count several numbers of flaws in our country. Not giving a single thought over the time we have gone through in our history we are busy finding the demerits and limitation of our country.I g

This is what our country needs to adopt from Finland

Education is one of the primary and a mainstream necessity of a child in our country. But still, our literacy rate is awful. Our country is considered as one among the best economies all across the world but education for still looks blurre

“Things which makes a city smart”

So in the last five years, there is too much buzz on making the Indian cities smart. Well how do you think a smart city will look like…? Probably when you give a thought over it the pictures which you create is quite imaginary just like the

Is globalization a threat to the Indian Culture?

Globalisation entails the opening up the country to foreign trade and investment. It implies that the world is like a single unit. These days in the time of Internet and open markets it becomes difficult for any country to grow or develop in se

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