Talking about the smart city and this is actually how the city looks l

Sometimes I literally don’t understand what are we up to …. Seriously I mean are these intensive campaigns stunt like clean India and swach bharat abhiyaan just a social media stunt? 

This picture which I have captured is very close to my workplace and it’s almost been a month since when I am seeing this waste been kept here and is not been dumped in a respective place. Every time I have to pass this area I have to go through false smell which suffocates a lot.

The place looks has become dirty and as it’s very near to the roads even the illiterates passing by also through the waste here which has made the whole area dirty. Even there are no activity from the Nagar Nigam who are authorized to clean this up and as I said it’s been a month and still there are no concern been shown towards it. Simply a careless attitude is all I can say.

I cannot tolerate the indignity public spaces littered with garbage. For ensuring hygiene, waste management and sanitation across the city.

It’s near Taskand Marg near Patrika, Chauraha Civil Lines

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