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“Clean Ganga promise still looks imaginary”

I still remember when our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an announcement right before the election in the year 2014 about cleaning the Ganga and its outskirts. The speech was really influencing as it was the first time when I fe

Plastic ban in Uttar Pradesh......!

As the NGT (National Green Tribunal) ordered to ban the plastic for the cities which is near the Ganga River Yogi Government imposed the order for the whole state. We are very much aware with the fact that how plastic disposing has turned o

Can we ever get rid with the filthy roads in our city?

I hope the picture I have posted above is very much visible to you and I request you to see it once again. So this is the picture of the city which I live in yeah I am talking about Allahabad. And I know Allahabad isn’t th

Pollution alert in Gomti river front Lucknow....!

Talk about the beauty of Lucknow and Riverfront of Gomti River does not come in your jaw, it cannot be so. Gomti Riverfront has been praising Uttar Pradesh's former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav's dream project and has earned praise and headlines

Stray cattle on roads an issue which is been unseen from years….!

Yeah, I personally think that it’s the most unseen and neglected issue which needs to be revealed in a bigger level. The issue of stray cows on streets isn't new in India, and these creatures regularly expedite the stream of movement occupi

Smog Free Towers: Technology At Its Best.....!

Recently in a write-up, I revealed how Pollution in Allahabad is exacerbating medical issues. Though the pollution is

Polluted Air of Allahabad exacerbates medical issues

Recently we saw in the news how the whole Capital (Delhi) got covered up with a thick layer of smog. As Delhi is now been considered as the 2nd most polluted city in the whole world a thought strike in my mind that I should go through the s

Talking about the smart city and this is actually how the city looks l

Sometimes I literally don’t understand what are we up to …. Seriously I mean are these intensive campaigns stunt like clean India and swach bharat abhiyaan just a social media stunt?This picture which I have captured is very cl

In-appropriate dumping of waste should be strictly look over

Indeed, even as much shout is made over the issue of Sangam city ending up more dirtied step by step, there have been some genuine endeavors made in understanding the greatness and beginning of the issue produced through residential waste in the c

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