Waterlogging problems: A Serious matter of concern for our city

The city occupants get woebegone each rainstorm season after overwhelming precipitation which leads to broad waterlogging in different parts of the city.  

The precipitation uncovers the tall cases of Allahabad Municipal Corporation with respect to sanitation and upkeep of channels in the city. While dependable goes into in houses in the low lying territories.

Substantial rain in the city, incapacitates life and causes waterlogging in regions including George Town, Tagore Town, Mumfordganj, Allahpur, Baghambari Gaddi, Tularambagh, Attarsuiya, Dariyabad, Kareli, Ghausnagar, Chowk, Bahadurgunj, Kotha Parcha, Muthigunj, Sabzi Mandi, Batsha Mandi, Nakhas Kohna, Lukerganj, Atalla, Mohtashimgunj, Clock Tower, Ahmadgunj, Dara Shah Ajmal, Subzi Mandi, and other connecting zones.

Workers' issues were aggravated by the further disintegration of streets by the downpours. A few substantial vehicles stall out on the waterlogged streets, and a few bike riders fell while navigating the harmed streets.

Waterlogging problems: A Serious matter of concern for our city

Low lying territories in the Old City zones are the most exceedingly bad influenced as depleting water streams out into the lanes without a legitimate waste framework. Water goes into houses in Allahpur, Baghambari Gaddi, Salori, Rajapur, Kareli, Ghausnagar, JK Colony and other abutting territories. Mohd Nazar, an inhabitant of Ghausnagar stated,

"One of my close friend Ujjwal moved to this region around 7 years prior said that the scenario is pretty similar every year when rain hits. Channels are constantly obstructed around there, however, nobody from Allahabad Municipal Corporation comes here to guarantee neatness in the territory."

Waterlogging problems: A Serious matter of concern for our city

The inhabitants griped that Allahabad Municipal Corporation experts had neglected to receive a complete technique to settle the threat of waterlogging in the city. The corporate of Allahpur Shiv Sewak Singh stated, "The channels are never cleaned legitimately, which water thusly floods out and about. The general population of Sanjay Nagar Malin Basti needs to confront this issue notwithstanding when there are no downpours."

In short “each second individual cases to be in legislative issues or connected to governmental issues in the city yet there is not really any advance on waterlogging front, in fact, the circumstance. In any case, the water pumps at Morigate pumping station were drawing out the abundance water consistently. Two pumps of the limit of around 10 cusecs were made operational for the reason.

The previous corporate Kamlesh Singh said he hurried to the Morigate directing station in the night itself and encouraged the workforce to work the pumps with the goal that abundance of water might be drawn out.

We talk about making our city a smart city and this is what the reality is……!

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