What is this feminism?

Feminism has never been the goal of being accepted. The feminists have fought for their rights, have sacrificed, have been emancipated. The inspiration of being Superior is not a sign of femininity. Disturbed feminism is against its origins for the consent, acceptance, and admiration of man or patriotism.
There is no doubt that some of the frontal movements of the women's movement have been defeated and the result is that girls are going to school, they are making a career, they are successful, are writing, are artists, they are a scientist. In the moving idiom, what girls cannot do! Even though the popular media presents the woman as a sexual object, violence against women and the violation of women rights is not taken lightly.
A ruckus on a report of rape can descend to the road. But, the problem is not over here, nor has its way been easy. The feeling of non-equality and hatred towards women is so deep inside us that we want to cut off our own body from our own body.
Violence is not a single thought. At different times with its different objectives, it has emerged against different enemies.
 What is this feminism?

In the initial phase, the fight for a female franchise was such a big fight that women lost their lives forever. It was achieved after a long struggle. In a country like Africa, it may be a war against the genital mutilation (distortion of female genitalia). Like India's early social reform movements, it can be a war against child marriage, sati practice, widow remarriage, and dowry. In its second phase of the women's movement, this can lead to the legal right to get rid of abortion. In some parts of the world, feminism can be a war of divorce and alimony. Gaining the right to get out of the house of an unreliable woman in the city and to be safe and to get rid of drinking water from a faraway village can be an important issue of women emancipation.
 What is this feminism?

There is no universal form of patriarchy, neither is the fight for women's rights all over the same place. Therefore, to say that feminism is a fought and fought battle, it is not the truth of the country itself, which is the biggest admissibility of a person's personal freedom.

A universal form of patriarchy has been challenged by scholars. Women's criticism has also been criticized for the purposes of polarization. Various cultural and historical factors explain the gender identity of a woman, affect it, yet a shared concept of woman's suppression and oppression develops on the basis of women-relations and various female movements.

What is this feminism?

Mainly, the belief that people have been discriminated against on a gender basis and in the social structure of gender-Duality, the woman was systematically deprived of a decision and equal participation. The motivation for changing the conditions of a double status of a gender (female) is the root of femininity. Womanhood helps to understand why things are such as they are today This feminist approach is against believing the woman as inferior and considering the male as the main and first gender.
 What is this feminism?

A femininity that favors women's freedom within the family, family feminism Either woman's liberation is actually a wife's liberation. A feminine woman, in which a woman is a hero, is a superwoman, she is self-sufficient!

The new emerging eco-feminism, who believes that in the process of development, man has exploited both woman and nature, and the woman is a consort of nature, it is its protector.

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