Humans and Happiness

As a human, it is our tendency to learn, grow and keep doing it. But, as a race of most civilized creatures of this planer, we are lacking somewhere. The very purpose of life has been lost somewhere. Somewhere during chasing the luxuries and trying to achieve the goals set by society; which we often refer as ‘desires’, happiness has become the least prior thing which we want to possess.

Denying the happiness is like wounding the soul, which we do often in the name of ‘sacrificing for success. This has become one of the many stereotypes of this world. We forget that we need to be happy to be successful and not successful to be happy. To be clearer, we have totally messed up with the concept of being successful. It has become a set pattern in our minds that to be successful one needs to secure good marks in college, a degree with an alpha and a salary in six figures, failing to achieve which, results in gloom and depression.

Being successful has only one meaning and that is to be happily satisfied. To achieve that it is extremely important for one to explore the inner self, to identify what means happiness to you. Do not get so much after accomplishments and perfections that you miss the moments in your life which can count for a rare genuine smiles and hearty laughs. Life is only about all these moments. The success you achieve after losing these moments has absolutely no motive and no happiness involved.

Work for the satisfaction. Limit your ‘desires’. Distinguish between ‘your desires’ and the ‘desires imposed on you’. Achieve your desires and cherish the small moments in which you smile or you are the reason of someone’s smile because at the end of the day. You must add life to days and not days to life.

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