Feminism Funda

The most right of all the things that are ever displayed in most false colors is none other than ‘feminism’. Feminism only stands for equality, equality in terms of rights and duties as well. Equality is as complex a term as equal as it seems. It needs a serene mind and an intellectual approach to understand equality and hence, feminism.

The ‘gender debate’ is as long as eternity and it is sad to extract that even after thousands of years of human civilization men and women are anxious to consider themselves better, greater and even more efficient rather than to acknowledge equality. It is high time that we need to realize that being a man or a woman is a matter of having different sex organs and different strengths and weaknesses. The duties and rights remain the same.

Many of the trolls can be seen on social media who target feminism. The feminism trolled by maximum of number of people is false. Real feminism is as strong a concept that it is very hard to be trolled. Instead of trolling the false feminism they should try to understand the real feminism and counter the false feminism.

The real feminism is not about bragging the characters of a woman but is about asking the society to accept her as an independent human. It is about letting woman have their basic human rights with which they are deprived of since centuries.

It is not about giving powers to women, it is about letting women find their powers. It is about an ideology that wrong things are as wrong for men as they are for women and right things are as right for women as they are for men. It is about exploring the solidity of women which has remained unexplored for years.

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