Who will cry???

It was raining cat and dog in the evening. Half soaked, l was waiting for my bus at the  stand. The clouds were dark and roaring with their full might. I shivered as the cold gust of wind with rainwater hit the outer jetty of the stand. As I was chattering my teeth due to cold breeze piercing my body, to overcome this sensation I took out my cell phone and started listening to debates on YouTube to dispel the loneliness. While I was busy in my so-called important work for this modern world, a boy probably of 15 or 16 years of age came on the stop. His arrival brought me at ease. He was a fair handsome lanky boy with pale and pang on his face. He was restless, pattering slowly. His physical condition intrigued me and with impatience, I asked him “Why are you so vexed, my friend”. However, he just nodded his head and in low pitch uttered “nothing”.


I took a pause and persuaded myself not to inquire further. I got entangled in my phone but at a sudden, a weeping sound struck my ears. It was the boy who was crying over the phone. by his words, I found that someone from his family. I just asked him forcibly,’ he burst out and began crying. “ My Father met with an accident in Kolkata when a bridge collapsed. I got a call from Police official stating that my father is also among the seriously injured. I was awestruck knowing his trauma. His tears with rainwater dripping from his hair appeared that the boy inundated with grief for his father who works in Kolkata in a company.

Listening to his wailing I took my mobile and searched news and found that a bridge has collapsed in Kolkata injuring many and few deaths. I also prayed Almighty for his well-being of his father. In further conversation, he revealed that he is going to the railway station to catch the train to Kolkata. He said “I am just 16 and has never been out of my hometown. How will I tackle those problems? How will I find that hospital? Will it be easy for me to face my father whom I haven’t talked about yet? A flurry of questions was rained by him with tears dripping from his eyes. He was inconsolable, continuous sobbing and narrating of his pain debilitated me. ‘My Father works in a company, tirelessly to earn bread and butter for our family and forge our future. He wants to see me as an officer in the Indian Army. How will I pacify my mother and younger brother whom I haven’t tell anything about this happening? Why these accidents take place? Who is responsible for this, Why can’t these builders and authorities construct a full proof bridge and all? Bhaiya, I am feeling helpless and alone.”

I was gazing at him calmly and listening to his words. I just consoled him with a cliché “Lad you are brave and will encounter every hardship. Pain is the real friend of life.”

His bus came at the stop I patted him and said nothing will happen to your father. God will protect him, Go and bring  him home. The bus moved with intense speed and gradually he evanesced. Sitting at the stand I was contemplating the harsh truth of nature. How vicious is the judgment of nature innocent gets punished? Many questions were striking my mind, What if I had been at his place? How would I have reacted? Can anyone answer these ruthless question to the boy? why his normal life was decimated by those authorities of the country for whom it hardly matters who dies or lives?

Who will cry???

The rain gradually dwindled, I sat in the bus gazing through the window over the clouds which poured incessantly and now are calm and composed after creating havoc. Every authority alleges else and government shed crocodile tears but who will wipe out the real tears of those who lost everything.

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