After 30 years India managed to reach the finals of women’s hockey in Asian games being played in Indonesia these days, and credit largely goes to Allahabad girl Gurjit Kaur who was instrumental in scoring the winning goal for India Eleven against the formidable Chinese team which was supposed to be invincible. She has already scored 10 goals in the tournament and fully deserves to lavish praise that is being showered upon her.


Gurjit Kaur's goal-scoring victory was hailed by the staff of DRM office Allahabad where she works. The GM of NCR Allahabad has congratulated her wonderful performance and expressed the hope that she will repeat her winning performance in the finals too. But victory in (semifinals) was of special significance for another reason. It came on the birth anniversary of the Hockey legend, Dhyan Chand. What is still of a greater place of Dhyan Chand too. He was born in this city on August 29, 1905. And it was on this day in 2018 that Gurjit showed her mettle in Indonesia. Isn’t it rather shocking that Allahabad has not cared to name any sports complex after Dhyan Chand. In Lucknow, we have K.D Singh Babu hockey stadium. How it is that no stadium has been named after Dhyan Chand in Allahabad, his birthplace and which has produced several players of eminence representing the country like Idris, Wahidullah, Tressler and Bertie Tiwari? We have been demanding Bharat Ratna for Dhyan Chand who had bagged victory at Olympics thrice. But we haven’t named a stadium after him. He was remembered because his birthday coincided with the glowing performance of Gurjit Kaur, at any cost this is an hour of triumph. Let us rejoice and hope that we win the finals too though Silver stands assure.

If not men but women are bringing laurels to India and what I feel personally is that this is exactly what women empowerment should be regarded instead of promoting them as models to please else eyes.

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