Management failure led CMP student on roads for protest…!

Student of Chaudhary Mahadevi Prasad came out on roads yesterday as they got irritated with the management of the college. From last few weeks, there is unstoppable rainfall in the city due to which the college campus got flooded with water. As there is no such management been done to eradicate the water which got collected inside the campus students were facing too many difficulties.  

The roads were been jammed for several hours and the reason was very justified.

Let me show you the scenario with some pictures….

Took this picture in the morning you can easily see that the water has covered the whole area and even it has entered the classroom which is on the ground floor.

Well, it wasn’t the only reason for the protest as pollution and dirty litters and cow waste was also the reason which led to the protest.

See this….

Yes, this is the scenario of a sub-branch of Allahabad University the so-called Central University. Just imagine every day a student has to see this and then he enters his classroom in the morning. Also, you may be seeing the open sewage and I don’t have to reveal to anyone how awful a sewage smells.

So, the protest was I guess totally justified from the end of the student as it’s very true that they have to face difficulties.

Hope the authorities and the management and the will eradicate such issue.

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