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Management failure led CMP student on roads for protest…!

Student of Chaudhary Mahadevi Prasad came out on roads yesterday as they got irritated with the management of the college. From last few weeks, there is unstoppable rainfall in the city due to which the college campus got flooded with water. </

Kaam bolta hai…. Wait really?

On Wednesday the construction of the same expressway has now come under the scanner of the work that he always praised in his government. In the rainy season, the condition of the Expressway has become so dangerous that people are afraid of

Smart city? Huh…… we are not even close!!!

So now we have almost crossed half of 2018 and let me recall you once again that our city has been promised to be modernized as amendments were been made to change the city into a smart city.So being an educated citizen of this city I un

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