Kaam bolta hai…. Wait really?

On Wednesday the construction of the same expressway has now come under the scanner of the work that he always praised in his government. In the rainy season, the condition of the Expressway has become so dangerous that people are afraid of going to it. 

First, Agra and now Kannauj and Etawah in Expressway are sunken in many places. Not only this, Unnao has also seen pictures of the express way of expressway coming out. At the same time, BJP leaders have given various responses to the social media by taking a finger at the Akhilesh Yadav government's work on this matter. The SP government is being ridiculed by writing the slogan 'Express the work' of Express Way on social media.

So this is what happened….

50 feet deep pit dropped SUV

Kaam bolta hai…. Wait really?

On Wednesday, the service lane of the Agra-Lucknow Expressway was caught near Agra. Because of this, a high-speed SUV has fallen into this pit. 4 people sitting in the car survived somehow the car driver said that he did not get the GPS signal and he got on the service lane and got an accident.

The express lane of the expressway in the Sauryak of Kannauj fired at two places. In Chhathia, the part of the safety guard of Express Way was destroyed. At 131-132 km on the expressway in Etawah, the Express Express was flung near Bhanti village (on the way to Saurich).

Kaam bolta hai…. Wait really?

Even before this, the Lucknow-Agra Express-in the Unnao could not handle the first shock of this rain on Wednesday. In front of Panchamkheda villyge of Auras Thanakshakra in Unnao district, a nearly five-meter long part of the expressway was suddenly destroyed on Tuesday night. Guanmati was that at that time the pressure of vehicles on the affected part of the road was low, otherwise there could be a big accident.

The bridge of the Sai River is very close to the expressway. Vehicles passing through the middle of the road passed on information about the side of the expressway. From Wednesday morning the UPPA team started repairing itself. According to the workers working on the spot, deep cracks are eight to ten inches deep due to the road raging.

Agra Lucknow expressway was a 15000 crore project and now seeing such accidents raise so many questions on the previous government that how have they invested the funds.

Major introspection needed….!

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Uttam Misra

Uttam Misra 2 months ago  Reply

Shame on INDIAN POLITICIANS, they have wasted tax payers money ….

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