Smart city? Huh…… we are not even close!!!
8/2/2018 3:15:57 AM

Smart city? Huh…… we are not even close!!!

  1. Uttam-Misra

    Allahabad …SMART CITY? Are you kidding me? In dreams only... You are right …we are not even close….

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  2. Arti-Mishra

    In fact, to make a city as smart city, the deficiency in that city should first be removed from the government as it is being shown in the above pictures.

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  3. Sanat-Shukla

    Smart city is not as we are asking for moon. But city can only be embellished by its people .Only begging from government is not the remedy. 100 years ago going on moon was never conceptualized but it is now a dream which has been fulfilled.

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