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Do you get intrigued while passing through a Madarssa??

When you pass by any mosque or Madrasa do you turn your head time and again gaze those loudspeakers, green flags? What is the first thing that strikes your mind suddenly? Islamophobia. Isn’t it? The children gathered around Madarssa

Things which our Indian youths are going through…...!

We are too much aware that more than 600 million populaces in India is more youthful than 25 years old and near 70% of the aggregate populace is under 40 years old. Such a gigantic populace of youthful isn't just excellent in India yet in a

Time to revisit the need of reservation in India...!

Above all else, let me begin by expressing that reservation is an 'awful' framework. I am utilizing the word 'disastrous' to characterize it due to the presence of the positioning framework, which is the purpose behind reservation. Standing

Government schools still waiting for students…….!

There is nothing astonishing that achievement levels and learning results of understudies in tuition based schools are far better than government schools. A report by NCAER indicates that 65 percent of tuition based school understudies ready to me

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