Recent views and solutions in corruption

Who will cry???

It was raining cat and dog in the evening. Half soaked, l was waiting for my bus at the stand. The clouds were dark and roaring with their full might. I shivered as the cold gust of wind with rainwater hit the outer jetty of the stand

Independent Yeah but with some terms and condition…!

Freedom has got the country but this freedom is for those who have money, power, and respect in the society. In the absence of a large number of people still living and the country has not been liberated for them.We say tha

Our country and corruption

Bribing exists all over and in various structures, yet defilement in India in some cases resembles a government employees' most loved challenge across the country. Since 2005, India has been positioning around the center (90 out of 180) of

Major Flaws in our country

Our nation which is the seventh greatest nation in the world with a second most noteworthy number of individuals living in the nation have grown such huge numbers of financial issues for itself.Over 55% of the populace goes under des

Sports and our country: Where are we lacking?

Residing in a country with a population of 1.2 billion people it’s disheartening to accept the fact that our country is able to win very few numbers of medals. Each time a multisport event takes place the performance of our country is been

*Money Is What Reign*

Since childhood, the only thing that, I have witnessed is, “The entire world revolves around money!” Peers might have not ever given a thought to how would the world be like if there is “No Currencies”Actually, it does not

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