Gomti river front – Just a waste of Tax Payers Money

The riverfront has been produced on worldwide models and highlights a huge green region spread crosswise over 12 km on the banks of waterway Gomti. The riverfront has rich green parks, ghats, cycling and running pathways, youngsters play territory, gardens, Tonga tracks and drifting office.  

One can appreciate the terrific perspective of German lights on the Gomti torrent. The riverfront will before long have a monster wheel like London's Eye on the banks of Thames waterway, which would give a 10,000 foot perspective of the city. Former CM Akhilesh Yadav introduced this waterfront on sixteenth of November and nowadays, it has turned into the coolest joint spot for the Lucknowites.

Everything seems very beautiful the construction, space, the design, the fountains and especially the lustre lights. But as it has become a visiting point for so many folks the place is getting too much dirty. Recently I visited this place and this is what I found:

Stray dogs roaming all around the space

Plastics and other disposals lying in the space

Puke Stains over the walkway

Well, there are two sides as on one side the whole project is been inspired from great Malaysian architecture and then this is another side where due to the careless behavior of the folks the whole place is been polluted.  

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