Scarcity of water created a huge mess...!

Due to the blowing of the motor, students of Hindu hostel, who were suffering from severe water crisis for two consecutive days on Tuesday, clashed at the intersection in front of the hostel. Chakkajam ran for about two hours. After the water tanker was disposed of, the students got angry and they removed the jam. Because the boring of the hostel is quite old, students have been facing water problem for the last three years. 

Students are getting water from the boring of the year 1996 in the Hindu Hostel. Boring is 130 feet. Boring is outdated and the water level goes down in the month of May-June. In such a situation, students have to face the shortage of water in these two months. Due to water, due to the last three years, in the months of May and June, students suffer from water shortage. Boring also comes with water and soil and sand along with it throughout the year. The water cooler is felt but does not work. In such cases, students have to drink water and buy it.

The motor in the hostel was blown on Sunday night. The hostel did not receive water throughout the day on Monday. Even on Tuesday morning, the motor was not built and the water supply was stalled. The students, who were suffering from water crisis, broke their patience and at 9.30 in the morning, they blocked the intersection outside the hostel. There was a long queue of vehicles from the Chakkajam.

The condition remained worse for hours. Meanwhile, police force reached the spot on the spot. Chief Proctor Pro. Ramsevak Dubey also reached there. He talked to the students but the students were not ready to take the deposit. Three tankers of water were impaired when the situation deteriorated. Along with this the students were assured that the motor would be made by the evening. After this the students removed the jam.

Traffic diverted during the congestion. The vehicles coming from Katra were diverted from the University Road and the Mayohal by halting the vehicles at the Manmohan Park intersection. At the same time, the traffic coming from the Leader Press crossroads was diverted from the Hindu Hostel intersection to Civil Lines Hanuman Mandir and Magazine Crossroads. From Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission intersection, the traffic to Hindu hostels was stopped and diverted towards Maharana Pratap Chaurahaha and Magazine intersection.

 Increasing the traffic burden on other routes, the traffic jam on several roads, including the Magura intersection, Manmohan Park Chaurah, has emerged. At the time when the climb took place, the Additional Secretary went to the High Court and Kachhari. Employees have the time of office. Due to the jam, people were late in reaching their destination.

In the Hindu hostel, the yajnadutt Sharma's MLA fund has been prepared with an overhead tank, but due to not working properly of boring, the overhead tank with capacity of 50 thousand liters is not being collected. Students have demanded that a new boring should be done but the university administration is shouting saying that this is a trust hostel and there is no provision to spend money on the trust's hostels in the university's budget. 

The Vice-Chancellor has ordered the hostel to be connected to the tube well of Allahabad University to improve water supply in the Hindu Hostel. This order was issued a month ago and the Chief Engineer was given the responsibility to complete this work. In spite of this, the hostel connection was not linked to the tubewell.

Water is one of the most basic requirements of a person and seeing students revolting on roads for such basic requirement is awful. Hope such incident will not be repeated in future.

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