Fearless criminals roaming all over the city

A sensational incident happened on Saturday afternoon in Madhwapur. The student of a 12th standard at the tea shop was shot. Four youths riding the bike carried out the incident and after fleeing, fleeing. The police, who reached the information, admitted the injured student to SRN Hospital. Until late night, the Kidgunj police did not file a lawsuit in this case. 

Devendra Singh, originally from Koron, lives in the road behind the renowned street sweet corner dehati rasgulla. His wife Kanchan Singh is a primary school teacher in Pratappur. They said that they feed their families through farming. His son Yashvardhan is a 12th student at Bishop Johnson School and College. The police said that on Saturday afternoon, at around three o'clock in the afternoon, two friends reached near Yashvardhan to meet Jhansi.

On this, he stood with friends and started drinking tea in the shop located in front of the petrol pump. During this time four young men rushed on two bikes. They were fools in their hands. Someone could understand, even before they began to inflict abuses. His companions, standing with Yashvardhana, started running away. The miscreants definitely fired the fire. The bullet got shot in the left arm of Yashvardhana and he blazed.

Fearless criminals roaming all over the city

 On the other hand, after the incident, the attacker youth escaped fleeing wanderers. Panic in the market was spread by this incident filled with the market. Meanwhile, when the information was received, PRV 97 reached and admitted the injured to SRN Hospital. Till then, Kidgunj police reached and interrogated the people around. Kidgunj Inspector Rajkumar Sharma said that the condition of the student is out of danger. However, till late evening, the families have not been allowed to do so. Proper action will be taken on receipt of Tehri.

Witnesses said that the miscreants were unaffected and this was the reason why they kept their faces open while carrying out the incident. According to eyewitnesses, the miscreants attacked one fire after one by one. Two of these tablets, they started targeting Yashvardhana, one of which was shot in his hand. Three shots were made in the air and the motive was that people could spread panic and no one could dare to interfere.

Fearless criminals roaming all over the city

The police are talking about a mutual dispute about the day-to-day attack on the student. The Kidgunj police say that the student had ever had a dispute before the accused. He also recognizes them, while the father of the injured student Devendra denied any controversy. They said that the attackers had a dispute with some other student. Meanwhile, Yashvardhan started talking to his mother on the phone. On which the assailants thought he was calling the police. On this point, they shot.

Well, day by day the numbers of such incidence is been hiking and it has raised so many questions on Allahabad Police. It’s just been a month when a senior lawyer was shot to death and after few days we heard that a student has been shot inside the class of Allahabad University and now yesterday this who incident took place.

Are the folks living up here even safe……..?

I mean as the folks who were around the incident told that after firing few rounds the boys very freely ran away showing their guns in the air.

The whole incidence reveals the actual state of  Allahabad Police which is awful......!

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