Rooftops of Allahabad Railway Station gets loaded up with solar panel

Power consumption has always been a major concern for the authorities of Allahabad. As the city is densely populated the consumption of power is too much excessive in this city. But recently a great initiative was taken by the authorities when the rooftops of railway junction got installed with solar panels.  

Well, it’s a really great initiative of using alternate and eco-friendly option for generation of electricity in the railway junctions. The housetops of these stages would outfit 683 kilowatts of sun oriented vitality through the sunlight based boards introduced on the whole length of these rooftops.

Apart from introducing sunlight based boards on the stages of Allahabad Junction, housetops of different structures of Allahabad division as well as of a few stations of NCR would be introduced with such sun oriented boards after which NCR would spare a measure of around Rs 30 lakhs every year. through which the GM office rooftops and Subedarganj would create 266 kilowatt (KW) of power, divisional railroad chief (DRM) office would deliver 150 kw, Allahabad Junction 166 KW, Loco shed Kanpur 349 KW, Kanpur intersection 100 KW. In totality, 16.42 lakh unit of power would be created. These as of now introduced units have begun sparing power charges of NCR worth Rs 30 lakhs, educated boss open connection officer, NCR, G K Bansal. 

Moreover, sun-powered boards, for producing 2.7 MW of power would be introduced on housetops of different structures under NCR. Under this proposition, sun-powered boards, for creating 683 KW of power and will be introduced at Allahabad intersection alone.  

The boards, as of now introduced at rooftop highest points of Allahabad Junction is delivering 166KW of power which would spare a measure of worth Rs 4.9 lakhs for each annum. In the continuous work, experts are settling the sun-powered boards at all the stages following which a sum of 680KW of power would be delivered.

So as the work is in the process on the housetops of stage number 4, 6, 7 and 8 and will be begun at the rest of the stages excepting stage number One and the whole work would be finished inside this month which incorporates introducing and empowering the setup", said CPRO.

The work for introducing sun based boards at Allahabad Junction is being done with full devotion as a result of which half of the zone of the protracted top of these stages have just been secured with high limit sunlight based boards, which would be fit for work in every single climate condition, he included.

Now, this is something which we call an upgrade…….! 

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