Monotonous Allahabad needs a major upgrade....!

So now it’s been 20 years since I am living in Allahabad and I feel really blessed to be born in such a beautiful city. From holy rivers to religious sculptures from modernizing infrastructure to historical monuments, the city has every possible thing which makes it exceptional and different from others in its own way.

Monotonous Allahabad needs a major upgrade....!

Apart from being a historical city and city where there is a confluence of three holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Sarasvati Allahabad is also renowned all across India as an educational hub. University, NIT, IERT, Medical College, SHUATS (Formerly known as AAIDU) and a number of private institutions of repute are the reasons why it’s considered as one finest city in concern of education.


We need an upgrade yes a major one…

The city has got monotonous as there are no major changes been done in the city. I was literally at the top of the world when I heard the news that Allahabad is been included in the list top 100 cities which will be transformed in smart cities. 

Seeing other cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and other cities a curiosity aroused in my mind that why can’t our city be transformed in such a way especially when Allahabad is rich in all sort of resources.

Monotonous Allahabad needs a major upgrade....!

So as the government has promised in its five-year plan that Prayag is completely going to be transformed and will be given completely new avatar till now I personally didn’t found any such changes which meet the expectation as promised.

Major issues which are restricting the pace of growth 

Government policies

Only industrial area, Naini is almost dying from past 2 decades. Companies like ITI Ltd. Areva had been widely hit.

Power Shortage: Electricity condition is in its condition required to run hundreds of industries which were headquartered there.

In-appropriate connectivity: Road is not in good conditions to move out finished products to the market outside. And neither govt. is taking measures to cope up with it.

Monotonous Allahabad needs a major upgrade....!

Cheap politics

As some had mentioned that lots of prime ministers had come out of this holy land. And this s the main problem with Allahabad’s that they know it. Every person irrespective of its mental or physical state, irrespective of the merit of the work, tries to politicize the issue. And every second a new "Netaji" is born who can't even pronounce his name is public. No one wants to solve your problem, neither Netaji nor denizens of Allahabad.


Allahabad University, Student Union and Advocate union of High Court do whatever they want to do. They fight in public, Block the road every second day, Burn public property and most importantly beat policeman in many clashes but no acts against them. Police don't have the courage to control them. And if by chance, police register any case against them, their "Aka" sitting in Lucknow back them for every crime.

How is IAS/ PCS coaching capital fall?

The inability of Administration has helped the Gundas to do Extortion. Initially, coaching tried to manage somehow. They complained to police and other administrative authorities but unable to check that extortion and Eve-teasing outside coaching centers. So they finally decide to leave Allahabad and shift to Delhi. (Best IAS coaching’s in Delhi are from Allahabad)

Monotonous Allahabad needs a major upgrade....!

No centralization of educational Institute

Allahabad has Allahabad University, MNNIT, IIT-A, HRI, Agriculture college, Social Science Institute, Yoga Institute and Private Engineering Colleges, MN- Medical College, ITI and many other Educational Institute of National Importance. But none of them has any coordination.

Workshops, seminars, training and development programs happing in one part remains Alien for others. Great research in the field of Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Engineering can be brilliantly done by taking help of intelligent scientists and professors present over there and resources and also be optimally utilized.

Monotonous Allahabad needs a major upgrade....!


As per the reports of CAG Kumbh Mela which was held in the year 2013 state government just spent 1 percent of its capital of Rs 1,214.37 crore which was supposed to be spent in the infrastructural and other augmentation which were in reference of the grand Kumbh Mela.

Apart from this, Roads, Overbridge and beautification work was planned and none was completed on time. Roads conditions were worst. Instead of Investigation Azam Kham and Shiv Pal Singh Yadav, then Minister comes and sanctions more amount. And even after that condition of the road was same. Where money was going, nobody is bothered.

Monotonous Allahabad needs a major upgrade....!

Though there are few initiatives been taken and construction are taking places at several places but still the pace seems to be very steady. Been an educated person I totally understand that these five-year plan projects and transformational projects take time and for seeing a major change not just government but folks too have to collectively come forward and take a stand for transforming our city.

"Prayag is the soul

The number of people who live in prayag

Prayag is also equally living inside them"

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