Flyover collapse in Varanasi - An Accident or Mishandling by authorities

A part of an under construction fly-over collapsed in the cant. area near Railway Station in Varanasi, which resulted in deaths of more than 30 people, and injuries of hundred people on may 15, 2018. The government officials are trying to figure out reasons for this tragic incident. We should also try to stress and find out the possible follow ups, so that this could not happen again. Give your views on this incident about what happened there and what we as a citizen can do, to have a safe future.

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Vishal Kesarwani

Vishal Kesarwani 4 months ago  Reply

"A bridge safety cell"

A bridge safety cell should be set up by the government so that precautions taken at the construction sites can be ensured. The bridge safety cells ensure the safety of people traveling in vehicles and on foot near the construction sites.

Most of the countries all around the world sets such safety cells and our government should also grasp the concept of Bridge safety cells.

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