Murderous Online Games

Visual gaming or you can say video games were immensely famous from the year 2000 till the year 2005 but as the technology got more pace the whole video games industry got evolved and it evolved at its best.  

High-end and games having motion sensors are the top notches for most of the youths. Earlier we were within certain boundaries as a limited series of games were available. But now in the year 2018  there are no limits, no chains and we are experiencing mind blogging games with supersonic gadgets and equipment.

But a few days back each one of us heard about the “Blue Whale game” a game which influenced the player to harm themselves in several in-appropriate ways a game which asks the player to commit suicide.  

Murderous Online Games

At first, I scrolled up the post which was in regards to the “Blue Whale Game” thinking that it’s just another creepy post on social media. But then after few hours, I saw a news on television saying that “Blue Whale Game” took away the lives of 300 youngsters and I was completely blanked.

“All about the Blue Whale Game”

Started by a Russian Psychology student the origin of the name "Blue Whale" is unsure. Some reports say that it comes from a song by the Russian rock group Lumen. Its gap lines square measure "Why scream / once nobody hears / what we're talking about?" and it options a "huge blue whale" that "can't break through information." Others say it’s "believed to be a relation to associate degree act disbursed by some blue whales, which seem to beach themselves designedly, inflicting them to die

Murderous Online Games

The game is claimed to run on totally different social media platforms associate degreed is delineated as a relationship between an administrator and participant. The game goes on for 50 days in which the administrator sets a task for the player each day which are innocuous to start with (get up at 4:30 am, watch a horror movie), and advance to self-harm, resulting in the participant committing suicide on the ultimate day. Claims of suicides connected to the sport are reportable worldwide however none has been confirmed.

An action which was taken by Government

Murderous Online Games

As the case of the Blue Whale Game was getting so much hype on social media and news it became a serious matter of concern for Indian government as there were around 300 cases where youngsters committed suicide for completing the final level of the game.

In the mid of the year, 2017 Indian government along with our Information Technology requested all the social media networks (Google, Facebook, and Yahoo) to eradicate all link regarding Blue Whale Game which was floating on the web.

How can parents take care of their wards?

In a world where hardly anything is been done without gadgets, it is simply impossible to keep your younger ones away from the gadget. But these are the games which need to be far far away from the away kids.

A report reveals that games like Blue Whale generally target the teenagers who are in a state of knowing themselves that who they are, are they liked by people who they are surrounded with are they good enough and teenagers who found themselves isolated.  

Murderous Online Games

So parents should take care of their wards in such age and should try to read out and find out what state their child is in or they should involve themselves and understand their situation, circumstances they are dealing with.

Now there is so many web security software available in which there are options of parental control. So by using the particular software parents can restrict what their ward is going to see and surf the Internet.

Blue Whale isn’t the only game which adversely affects the teenagers as there is uncountable stuff floating all over the internet.

"Good habits formed at youth

make all the difference" - Aristotle

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Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar 6 months ago  Reply

"Outdoor Games"

Murderous Online Games

Though our world is now totally indulging in gadgets and other technical stuff then too we should always influence the kids towards the outdoor games. It’s undeniable that kids are now totally crazy over trending gadgets but parents should have a strict check over the things they are doing. As there are variant benefits of outdoor games kids should be always motivated to pay them.

The more they will stay away from gadgets the more they will have a real life experience and society it will them out in exploring more about every strata of their surroundings and life.

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Aditya Kumar Patel

Aditya Kumar Patel 6 months ago  Reply

“Parents should install internet security software”

Murderous Online Games

Yes, Internet security system should be installed by the parents through which they can have a look at what their kids are surfing the web. This software is way useful at times when parents have to avoid their kids in going over the wrong stuff.

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