October Diaries

    “Dear October,

The sunburnt skin has started to heal, the stolid journeys marked with sweat have started to be happy, lively and gay, the stiff lips have started to turn into curves, the snags of outside have started to be supportive and there I knew that it is you who has arrived.”

The serenity which ignites the joy inside is something, which is accompanied. October is not just a month or a period of 31 days included in a revolution of earth around a ball of fire but is a mood, a feeling, something that makes us ponder, and something that yields positivity around us. October is soothing.

Things seem to get settled in October. Maybe that is only a thing in the romantic heads of many of the October lovers but yes it stands out as things starts to fall in place once happens the October to arrive.

There are many things which I absolutely love and they are in October, say festivals. Is not it that October starts with the excitement for festivals. You know there is going to be life around, once it is October. Moreover, October marks its advent with the smell of a pleasant weather; the snoring sun limits its roars and starts to smile at us. Nights and mornings start to give cold butterflies and that feels as pleasant as itself after facing straight half year of the wrath of heat.

October is more of charm. It feels like October once it is October. It is just like a refresher which when leaves, leaves us with the spark to work it out for the time coming till it is October again.

May be that October is exaggerated a bit by all the romantic people out, but the feelings are allowed to be amplified once the loved thing is being talked about.

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