Every second story of success!

“They told me, “I could not.” I looked straight into their eyes and they told me, “May be I could.” It all started with a spark, which soon changed into a fire in my heart, burning all day long which kept my blood boozing and my veins thumping. It all happened inside me and was reflected outside me in my actions. It was a childhood dream. Nothing made me happier or more at peace than spending hours after hours at the basketball court.” Saumya told me. Her cheeks were made damp by her tears that gave up to be held back in her eyes; the tears of pride. The tears could express the radiance of her smile which even her smile could not.

Every second story of success!

She was selected for nationals. She remembered how she used to admire basketball and everything related to it when she was a primary school girl. She remembered of how Michael Jordan became her inspiration when she came to know of his dedication level towards the game. She remembered how her sports teacher convinced her mother to send her out of station to play for her selection in state team. She remembered how her mother lied to her father, which she very rarely do, only to turn her dreams into reality. She remembered how her father burnt her jersey and shoes, threw away her ball, when he found it out. She remembered how she convinced her father and tried to mould his stereotypical thoughts, how she explained that basketball is her passion and her life will lose its warmth, if basketball is taken away from her. She never lost her head meanwhile and was successful in explaining it to him that once a person finds the fire of its soul, the person becomes impregnable. She remembered how she spent her days when she had to cut her expenditures.

She remembered and could not believe, how strong she has stood all these years. She believed in herself. She believed in her dreams.

She knew where her existence, her happiness and her ultimate goal lie and she stood strong enough to chase all of it.

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