Excessive use of electronic gadgets is leading to hampering of analytical skills of students

We cannot deny the fact that technology has now taken full charge of our routine lives. Folks from all around the globe rely on gadgets for performing variants of tasks such as research, employment, etc.

Day by day we experience some upgrade in several technologies, gadgets as the world is developing at a great pace. At one side where technology stands at a remarkable position in human life, another side has its negative impacts as well. 

No wonder technology has brought a lot of ease in performing any act and advancement in the entire world. But at the same time, it is also undeniable that it has affected the teenagers and the kids adversely. A large segment of the young population which is in its growing stage has been manipulated with latest and high rated gadgets.

Getting engaged with any sort of gadgets is always full of fun but what we see that kids and especially the teenagers are excessively using it. Where kids find these gadgets appealing because of high-end games the teenager is more into gadgets to use variant social networks.

Excessive use of gadgets have never been considered as something positive and with this write up I just want to reveal adverse effect and consequences of excessive use of gadgets and other technical appliances.

Gives rise to aggression

Children naturally replicate what they see. Hence, exposure to violence on TV, movies, and video games increases the danger of violent behavior in teenagers.

Also, with the increasing use of mobile phones, text messages, e-mails, and chat rooms, these very little youths have created new means that of social interaction within which aggression will occur dead and these innocent children would possibly get a victim of their own mind.

Leads to laziness and obesity

Small children avoid physical activities once they need any convenience in their hands. Therefore, fiddling with electronic gadgets and consumption plenty of ailment while not doing any physical activity, adds several pounds of weight. Youngsters don’t understand this within the starting, however, suffer throughout their life as a result of a similar.

Sleep disorders

This is one in every of the most important reasons that youngsters shouldn't access electronic gadgets till they reach an explicit age. The blue light-weight emitted by the super-sharp show prevents the discharge of endocrine, a vital sleep-endocrine. This, in turn, will cause sleep impairments in youngsters.

Causes hearing issues

According to our thesis facilitate consultants, if a sound up to eighty-five decibels is detected on a routine, then it damages the microscopic hair of the inner ears and converts it into connective tissue. Well, we are aware of the fact the teenagers love loud music. And, this is often one in every of major means gadgets have an effect on their health.

Excessive uses of gadgets hike the chances of cancer

Ionizing radiation of the electronic gadgets is cancer inflicting agent. This radiation ends up in many sorts of cancer, like cancer of the blood, skin, thyroid, breast and abdomen cancer.

Dries up the eyes

Electronic devices, like mobile phones and computers, mostly cause eye issues in youngsters. The fluid which is naturally found in a human eyes starts drying as a result of the overuse of those gadgets. The constant strain may additionally cause this case. This, in turn, causes multiple eye infections and affects the vision additionally.

So as I said in an earlier paragraph that there is nothing wrong in having interest in gadgets and technology but the only thing which matters it is having an adverse effect on your health, work, and lifestyle.

"One machine can do the work of 50 ordinary men.

No machine can do the work of 1 extra-ordinary man"

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Arti Mishra

Arti Mishra 4 months ago  Reply

I totally agree...


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