Is ragging just a socio legal-problem…?

Ragging has been one of the foremost problems in our country. Ragging has become something very usual and exception in exceedingly variant academic institutions across the country which has led to lives being shattered and teenagers being rendered helpless. Some develop mental disorders, some value more highly to finish their lives whereas several others also are dead by the force of ragging.

One has detected many stories of students who have suffered such endless trauma and people who haven't had the strength to talk up against such problems. 

Variant forms of ragging: From bad to worse

Everyone would have heard how seniors in college take ragging of their fellow students but here I am going to reveal different ways in which ragging is been taken:

Dress Code Ragging

In the dress code ragging, the fresher’s are been asked to dress up in a dress which seniors decide for a particular period of time. By the dress code, I didn’t mean any sort of decent dress usually the dress which is asked to wear is weird and awkward to wear. The mainstream moto behind dress code ragging is to make the fresher’s feel uncomfortable and an entity on which everyone could laugh out loud. 

Formal introduction

In this, the freshmen are asked to reveal each and everything name, address, school, marks, lifestyle, personal stuff and even the things one don’t wanna share with anyone. It’s the only form of ragging which comparatively much healthier and decent other forms.

Verbal Torture

Loose conversation, excessive use of slang languages and abusive words is what verbal torture is all about. Generally, the fresher’s are been asked to dance or sing a vulgar song forcefully sometimes they are even pressurized to abuse any college staff or teacher.

Sexual Abuse

It is one of the severest types of ragging that takes place in many faculties. The seniors are basically fascinated by ‘juicy’ details like the anatomical description of one’s body elements, his or her sexual interests, etc. also in several cases, the freshmen are been forced to strip before the seniors.

Playing the Fool

The freshmen could also be asked to enact scenes from a selected show or mimic a selected star. In several cases, the seniors may additionally raise the freshmen to try and do silly things like kissing a tree, foreplay a tree, proposing to somebody from the other sex, etc.

Hostel Ragging

Station students who resided within the hostel are mostly prone to ragging. They’ll be asked to try and do all odd acts from cleansing the area of seniors to laundry their garments, from taking them water or milk to finishing their assignments.

Drug Abuse

It is considered as one of the worst forms of ragging under which the fresher’s are been forced to try drugs thereby driving them into addiction. Sometimes they are also been forced to purchase drugs for their seniors form illegal entities.

Hope you got a clearer picture of how many types of ragging is been done on several students. There are several cases which get revealed but the reality is that most such cases get limited within the boundary of a college campus.

Depression, suicides, attempt to death are some of the serious concerns which get led up because of ragging there is an uncountable number of cases in which the victims get so depressed and frustrated by thinking of the things which happened to him and end up finishing up their life. 

Though now colleges are been made more secure and are loaded up with several security appliances and staff which strictly take action if any such uncertainty takes place. But then too it’s one of the major issues which needs to be eradicated from our country.

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