"Wise men don’t need advice. Fools won’t take it."Ramesh sermonized her quoting Benjamin Franklin while gazing some from spectacles resembling principle of schools. He worked as an employee in an MNC in Bangalore. Sunita to whom he berates continuously was his wife. The couples belong to a remote village of Uttar Pradesh where hardly any women move out of her home to for higher studies. Ramesh too was from the background but convent educated and technical graduate who use too always boost him as Vishveshwarya of India. Sunita his counterpart was a fair looking girl and had an arranged marriage with Ramesh a few years ago. There married life went on fine for a few years in merrymaking and joy. But uneven educational and social background started afflicting Sunita when her husband took her to Banglore. The modern culture which she was not accustomed to proving to be hell. She hardly had imagined that her education and rural background would become a graveyard for her. Ramesh who use to sermonize her over not being party friendly, outspoken and trendy afflicted her mentally. She before her marriage had dreamt of a man who would love her irrespective of background. She sat in a corner of a room and thinks about her life been burdensome with teary eyes. She after shedding her tears curse her fortune and blame parents for imposing her on a man who hardly cares her emotions and dedications.


She never replicated his husbands harsh pinching word instead considered it as a misfortune which was inked already in her previous life(pichla Janam). Moreover, the Pati or Husband who is taken as a virtuous personality according to Indian mythology has to be abided at any cost. Continuous provoking and needling of Ramesh vexed her to that extent where she ended her life writing a letter in name of her parents “Papa your Ladaali has broken and till the time you would read it I will mingle in stars, that same stars you used to show me while telling fairy tales.

Domestic violence one of the most gruesome demon of the earth has engulfed many Sunita. Separation, divorce, suicide and other forms of violence have become a common menace. It is the data by NCRB that every 3rd woman in India is exposed to violence. India is in a mad rush like western countries in divorce ratio. A pitiable and horrible figure of divorce rate will frighten as every 13 marriage out of 1000 ends in divorce and urban India is thriving far ahead in it.

Have we gone so insane running after materialistic, short-lived life that few disputes distort our life at once? Women should not be taken as granted the violence affects society at large. Women should know their rights granted to them by Indian Law.


Domestic violence act, dowry prevention act, and the Indian penal codes provide them ample power to protect themselves. Women if find herself in any unwanted incident should not bear it plainly as raising alarm at an early stage will stop it. Parents must play an important role in counseling and consoling the couples. Psychological aid must also be ensured. Men should ensure before harassing a woman that she is not feeble but emotional. Men should always not be Men!!!! .

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Sanat Shukla

Sanat Shukla 27 days ago  Reply

This article is very wonderful and of great quality. Of course, we greatly appreciate your enthusiasm for this effort.

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