What you want to become when you grow up?

What you want to become when you grow up? Perhaps this question may seem a bit overwhelming but think about it for a moment. Are you still what you wanted to be, whose dream you had seen, are you doing what you always wanted to do?

Honestly, Think about it! Many times it happens that people indulge themselves to achieve a position which is actually hollow; such success, in turn, has to shed far more things than that. If your ladder is not on the right wall then whatever steps you take it takes you to the wrong place. 

The life of all of us is based on imagination. Imagination is your ability to show things in your mind that you cannot see with your eyes. This principle theory is based on the fact that every single thing is created twice. Mental Creation and Physical Creation. The way the house is formed after the formation of Mapping so is the physical structure only after mental composition. If you cannot imagine yourself what are you and what you want to be and what your life will be like, you probably will not be able to shield your life in the way you want to shape it.

If you leave the decision of your life on the circumstances then you can never make it in life that you want to become. If you want success in life, then start your goal before beginning Arna, start focusing on the objective goal.

Before starting to focus on the goal, we have to know our capabilities and then we can keep ourselves happy under our personal, duties and ethical values. To begin with, it means to begin with a clear vision and to know what our direction and purpose should be, and then continuously do that work.

The best way to start focusing on the goal is to prepare the details of attention for yourself, giving a personalized mission statement to yourself. You need to focus on what you want to become and what is your plan to make this success. Your attention statement makes you the charioteer of your life. You make your destiny yourself.

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