How can I express who are you to me? How precious you are to me when I turn back and find myself into the sea of materialism? When I find mankind deep into troubles I miss you. You had no knowledge about richness, penury, and materialism. Ego and self-respect were words of distant. Brands and well-cladded appearances hardly mattered. You were overjoyed even half naked, soiled, flying, running unfettered with no thought of hygiene, health, and protection. Your notoriety was ache for parents. A plethora of friends gathered even when Sun remained at its might you hopping with numerous kind of inland sports which now I hardly see.

Do you know when I fall sick despite having every necessary and vital supplement I wonder how potent you were that even the filthiest place could not decimate your passion for self-developed scrabbles? You were so pious that even the most wretched creatures seem pleasant to you. I lament your absence, my dear friend. When I find myself morphed into self-centered man peeping for dishonorable materialistic life. When I walk across skyscrapers and fly by air still scratching hair over and criticizing else, I scream for the day when paper made plane dragged you running behind it madly with unfolded hand. I scream and crave the day you ran for mirth, not for earth. Rain never awed, you never ran to shelter instead it was the best moment to play with a paper boat which floats down the running water.


You were royal my friend, lying frustrated in an air-conditioned room I dream for you chasing kites merrily in pure breeze embracing every up and down. Being embraced with every comfort in multi-storey building I miss you when your eyes glimmered in the name of making earthen houses during the festival of Diwali decorating it with knick-knack and protecting it sternly. While taking pills to sleep to find rest I miss you my friend and flashback in memories when lying in the lap of grandpa and listening to his concocted cock and bull story and those repeated fairy tales you found sound sleep.


Having faced numerous ills in this ephemeral life I crave for you my best friend. I know that it is gone and irreversible, but before moving to the last journey, I wanted to be Child once again. Come back once for a while so that I could embrace you and kill those all imps of my soul. Indeed I miss you, my friend. MY CHILDHOOD.

Vishal Kesarwani

Vishal Kesarwani 2 months ago  Reply


Anil  Yadav

Anil Yadav 2 months ago  Reply

I'v no word to rxpress my felling about this blog , it is realized my childhood which'll never come back

abhishek   pandey

abhishek pandey 2 months ago  Reply

speechless. Apni company dalo dost. you write fantastically.

Atul  Singh

Atul Singh 2 months ago  Reply

Bahut badhiya dost. Bachpan se hi achha likhte ho. Exam kb hai

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