Should national anthems be played in cinema halls?

Playing national anthems in the theatres before the beginning of the movie wasn’t that big issue till our folks and media made it look like and made it a hype.  

Starting my write up by sharing up an incident which happened recently in our country. So recently a handicapped man who went for watching a movie was beaten up brutally by a group of people for not standing while the national anthem was played.

Unknowing of his physical state the group called him anti-nationalist and blasted on him. Similar to the case which I mentioned there were many such cases which were registered by the police department all across the country.

Well, coming to the question once again should national anthems be played in cinema halls?  

I personally think that no one should be made bound to prove his nationality and patriotism. Judging how patriotic a person is by making him sing or stand on national anthems is totally senseless. One can’t be forced to feel in a specific because feelings and emotion occur in a person naturally it can’t be enforced.

I am listing down few factors which project why national anthems shouldn’t be played in cinema halls

Force-fed patriotism

Patriotism comes out of affection and respect for one’s nation which can't be force-fed to anyone simply by creating them rise up whereas the anthem plays. Forced patriotism will never make sense because it’s a natural feeling which needs to be felt by an individual deep inside.

In fact, anything that is forced is only supposed to harm rather than build up. Any feeling of love and dedication should come up naturally, rather than being imbibed in forms like these.

Movie theatres aren’t the appropriate place

Just think that national anthem which is one of the foremost tunes which gives you goosebumps before the double means comedies cracking vulgar jokes and taking part in songs like “Saari night besharmi ki height”. There is an additional formal place for the anthem to contend than a cinema hall.

Why solely cinema halls?

Cinema halls aren’t an area to instill loyalty. Theatres are the places which folks attend to rejuvenate and revel once in a while to enjoy a decent motion-picture show. Most significantly, why ought to this order be confined to cinema halls?

There are several places such as railway stations and airport which can be made mandatory to play the anthem before beginning the journey. Parliament ought to begin its sessions with the anthem.

Degrading the national anthem

National Anthem should be played at formal events like “investitures, parades, and government functions, of all places to instill loyalty, cinema halls are not any place to urge folks to pity their country. Imagine folks associating anthem with bad movies. This might solely build anthem lose its necessary.

Well, there is still nothing wrong in the rule imposed by the Supreme Court that playing national anthem is mandatory to be played before a movie begins. A problem arises when folks start judging others and create conflict if a person doesn’t stand while the national anthem is been played.

So as I said feeling and emotions towards anything comes very naturally and everyone is independent to express in his own way.

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