Showers always do not shower RAIN.........

 Rainfall in India is at its full youth and roaring clouds always do not bring pleasant news. Aroma dissipating from land may be soothing for agrarian people but foul for else. In many parts of India rainfall has brought deadly news as it has rained 1419mm highest in 87 years as the last highest rainfall recorded was 1387 in 1907. The havoc caused by rainfall is about to pass as other evils emerged out as sister curse of natural calamities. Kerala is witnessing Cobra attack syndrome after draining of water. Rain showered curse over God’s Land instead of blessings. 

Showers always do not shower RAIN.........

Many other demons get accompanied by excess rainfall in our day today life.

1. Raptured Roads.

Water is a foe of coal tar. It wipes out the upper layer of roads every year and becomes the cause of the deadly accident. 

Showers always do not shower RAIN.........

2. Electricity Shutdown

Heavy and torrential rainfall often breaks poles and wires of the area which cause the disturbance in our day today life as we don’t have any other source of energy providing equipment.

3.Diseases causing germs.

Post monsoon period is a favorable time for germs to breed. Dengue, Chickenguniea, and many other diseases generate very conveniently just a stone’s throw if not taken care properly.

4. Inevitable Accident

Many lose their lives in accidents which are considered inevitable. But mere words can compensate and pacify those who lost their dear ones.

5. Monetary loss.

Heavy rain causes monetary loss by destroying crops of farmers, damaging costly constructions and ruining livestock at many places.

6. Loss of life.

The most afflicting result of excess rain is a loss of life which is irrevocable. Many families lose their sole earner.

Alas! Ironman or Hulk if not they possible our indigenous hero Shaktiman could come and wake higher authorities from a timeless slumber that common and poor people too want safety and security.

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