August 29, this is not a common day but it is a day of glory and cherishing. The Sun will sparkle with its utmost might and bright, with Euphoria and Incandescence because it is the birthday of ‘Wizard’ or ‘The Magician’ Mr. Dhyanchand. He was born on 29 August 1905, in Allahabad. He joined the army at age of 16 and played a pivotal role in winning consecutive Olympics gold medals in 1928,1932 and 1936. He was leading scorer at Amsterdam Olympics with 14 goals in his kitty. 

Sports has a vast impact on life. Now it is no wastage of time but it is an occupation. Various names who excelled in games can be counted on fingertips but don’t get mesmerized by name and repute as it has many thorns its way. Families often discourage their lad and forcibly turn them to study and other profession considering it as a worthless event. 

Parents may not be at the wrong side always as their pessimism towards the game is because of its uncertainty and lack of government’s will to promote the game to the hinterland of the country. There is a strong need for taking the game as a next possible career option to young and brave boys of the country. In rural India which was hub and heart of sports in India is also facing the crunch of players as games remained only as a tool of merriment. Labour migration and movement of young people who left villages in search of jobs of better life left villages barren of sports activities.

Khelo India School games (KISG) a dynamic and result driven program launched by PM Narendra Modi on 31 January 2018 is a concrete step forward. Only selected kids of below the age of 17 years are eligible to compete. A committee has been formed for finding out talent from grass root level and encourage sport and 2 sportspersons. They will be given an annual scholarship of INR 500,000 for 8 years. 

Many organizations and schools and colleges are organizing sports events at a regular period which will boost the confidence and wipe out diffidence in sportspersons. Now almost every state is promoting games at their level. A small state of Haryana which is excelling with leaps and bound can source of inspiration for all sports-loving young men. 

Now sports can’t be quoted as ‘Kheloge Kudoge to Hoge Kharab’.

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